How to Login Ultipro Employee from Home?

Ultipro Employee Login

Perform tasks such as checking your payroll, accurate analytics, time, and tax management by logging into Ultipro Employee with easy steps.

Whether you want to log in using your computer, mobile app, or mobile browser, it should not be strenuous to access Ultipro Employee.

What is Ultipro employee for login?

When it comes to human Capital Management solutions, UltiPro Employee software is on top gear. It provides instant and secure access to pertinent employee data and tools. The software is a two-way platform; the company and the employees, with both gaining generously.

The HR team makes informed decisions by compiling and synchronizing an employee’s data in real-time. Managers make informed actions fast and effectively with a click of a button.

Employees benefit too from Ultipro Employee. They can access their HR easily, view information, and raise any concerns quickly. Whether it is checking salary details, tax complaints, time offs, and disputes, the app is fully equipped to address all those. 

Ultipro is also a platform for employees to connect with the employer and chat their way forward for the organization’s welfare. That’s through the feedback and performance section.

With Ultipro Employee, you can work and stay in touch anywhere, whether in the field or office. But you’ve got to know how to login into the app from home. 

Check out easy methods below;

Method one: Logging into Ultipro Employee using PC

On your internet browser, go to or

  1. Key in your credentials, including your username and password, without omitting any character. These are credentials your HR department allocated you at your workplace.
  1. If you can’t remember the password, just click on Forgot. Once you type your secret word, the system will reveal to you the lost password.
  1. Tap Log In to land on your UltiPro dashboard. 

You should not have issues with logging into the Ultipro Employee using your PC. If that happens, that is an issue only HR can resolve. Contact them immediately.

Method two: Logging into Ultipro Employee using Mobile app

Login using a mobile app means that you have to install the Ultipro app on your mobile device. Whichever device you are using, whether android 5 or iOS 10 and the latest versions, Ultipro is fully compatible. 

The Ultipro app for both mobile devices is referred to as UKG Pro. Having this app is overly convenient. You can log in anywhere regardless of time, as long as you have the compatible mobile device and active data bundles. 

Besides a compatible device and stable internet, the other important detail you will need is a company access code. This is a unique auto-generated code that the HR team allocates to you for your Ultipro mobile application. 

Before you attempt an Ultipro login, get the access code first to avoid further inconveniences. 

The following process will take you very few minutes. It is a three-step procedure and involves the following;

  • For android users, get to the Playstore and search Ultipro. 
  • Select install and open the app when the installation is complete. 
  • Enter your unique HR code and proceed to the home page.

If you already have the app on your android device, all you need is the code. Key in the code to land on the home page.

What about the iOS device?

  • Jump to the App Store on your device and look for the UltiPro app on the search bar.
  • Tap on the Get button. Be patient for the downloading and installation process to complete.
  • Reach over to the newly-downloaded app to log in to your account.
  • Key in the corporate access code provided by your HR department. The code is your key to the Ultipro dashboard.

If you have an already existing app, you may want to update it to get the latest version. You will find an updated app easy and quick to use.

  • Update the app by navigating to the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Look for the Update tab and search for the Ultipro button.
  • Tap Open and Update to get the newest version. 
  • Once the updating is complete, you are ready to log in to the app. Use the corporate access unique code to gain access.

Also, remember that forgotten codes are readily available if you contact your HR. If you lost yours, make that vital call and get a replacement. 

Method three: Logging into Ultipro Employee using the mobile browser

With a smartphone and intact internet connection, you can also access the Ultipro employee dashboard. Below are the short steps;

  • On your mobile, open a mobile browser of your choice.
  • Get Ultipro’s mobile login page.
  • Type the URL
  • Key in your credentials; the username and password.
  • Press the Login button to access the UltiPro Employee dashboard.

Congratulations, as you can now proceed with any task, you want to execute on the Ultipro employee page.

FAQ: Ultipro Employee Login

What should I do if I cannot log into Ultipro Employee from home?

If you are away from the office, and you can’t log into Ultipro Employee, just try out these two Ultipro login links;


Either of the two will link allow you to get into the Ultipro Employee dashboard.

Is Ultipro available for iOS devices?

Yes, Ultipro is available for your iOS devices. Access the page, key in the URL, and key in your credentials. Click OK to access the Ultipro Employeehome page or dashboard.

I forgot my mobile app access code; what should I do?

You cannot create a mobile app code. You have to contact HR support to allocate you a code for accessing the Ultipro Employee dashboard.

Final words

Ultipro login is not a grueling process. The software allows you to log in on your PC, mobile app, or mobile browser. Each one of these methods is easy with the methods that we have outlined above. 

If you attempt to follow our guide, sign in to the Ultipro employee account from your PC, mobile app, or mobile browser and find it difficult, consult your company’s HR team. Your account may need activation promptly.  

Overall, Ultipro login processes are simple and streamline your employee perspective and increase your Return on Investment. 

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