Ways to Log Out Google Account From Phone

Ways to Log Out Google Account From Phone

When you change your device, you may forget to log off your Google account. It is a possibility that anybody can access your account and steal your information from another device. 

Many Google account holders presume that closing your browser does log you out of their accounts. Assuming that someone else restarts the phone or computer, they will access quite a large amount of your data. So, always stay safe by signing out of your Google account.

If you can’t remember or don’t know how to log off your account, we have several steps to do so on your computer or phone.

Google gives you the two alternatives which involve using a web browser on any smartphone, including all Android and iPhone devices. You perform the simple procedure on the settings app on your phone. You should not find the process of logging a google account out of your phone difficult. 

Let’s examine each one of these methods deeply;

1. Log out Google account from Gmail mobile app

This is our first method that requires removing Google accounts from your mobile device like smartphone or tablet. The process does not delete your account, but it temporarily removes it from your mobile until you log back in.


  • Go to your Gmail mobile app and locate the profile image on the upper corner to the right.
  • Navigate through the screen to find Manage accounts and select this option.
  • Next to the account is a switch; turn it off to temporarily deactivate the account.
  • If you wish to return your account, you will go back to the screen and turn on the switch for activation.

2. Log out Google account from iPhone

As you will note later, there is no significant difference between signing out Google accounts on your iPhone and Android. But, logging google out from an iPhone differs from logging out of Google on a PC. Here is the difference; When you log out of Google on a mobile, you won’t be doing that out of your Google apps like Gmail and Google docs but from your Google account in the mobile’s browser.


  • On your iPhone’s browser, get into Google’s homepage.
  • Your profile picture or a plain icon is on the top corner to the right; tap on it.
  • You will have the option “Sign out” on the menu that crops up. 

Here is an image to help you visualize how to do this simple task on your iPhone

3. Sign Out of Google Account on Android Phone

Your mobile phone is also a simple way to log off your Google account. If you are not anywhere near your computer, you can use the Settings app on your mobile to get signed out of your Google account.


  • Get your smartphone and open the Gmail app.
  • Look up at the right corner of the window to locate your profile icon.
  • Just below, you will see. “Manage your Google Account.” click that. An alternative route is to visit the settings section on your smartphone. Scroll your way down and tap on ‘Google.’ Manage your Google Account is right there. 
  • Once you tap “Manage your Google Account,” the action will redirect you to the “Google Account.”
  • There are several choices there, including Home, Security, Personal info, and others. You are interested in the Security option.
  • To get to “Security,” the screen swipe to the right.
  • Scroll downward to “Your devices” and click the option “Manage Devices.” next will be a list of devices that you or unknown persons have currently logged in to your Google account. That also includes any device that is being used to keep you logged into your Gmail.

Have a look at these two images;

If you are satisfied with all the devices logged into your Google account and you do not wish to log out, you can leave it at that point. Otherwise, any unknown device that has access to your account is a risk to your data. Proceed with the Signout. Revoke the entry by clicking on the three-dotted icon and then Sign out. 

Google will ask you whether you want to log out or not. Confirmation is by a double click; otherwise, a single click will not execute the command. 

Google is a brilliant app. You may sign out of your account, but some third-party Apps might still get into your Google account. That means the apps have permission to log in to your account. 

In this case, you will get a statement warning that a third-party App you installed has access to your account. 

Don’t panic, as you can revoke that too. The only thing you ought to keep in mind is to always log out of all apps on your old phones. All apps you used to sign in to your Google account on your old phone are still active, thus risking your privacy. Malicious people can read, share or delete your information without your knowledge. 

And those are the easy ways to sign out Google from your phone!

But we wouldn’t be fair if you want to compare logging out of your Google account from your phone and computer. 

Log out of Google account from a computer

Here’s how to proceed with this;

From your desktop, it is much simpler to log out of your Google account. 


  • The first step is to open a Google app or page on your browser. We recommend using Chrome so that it will be quicker for you.
  • Get into any Google apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google sheet or any other. There are several of these, so you will not miss an option.  
  • Look for your profile picture, and that’s on the top right-hand corner of the window. If you have no profile picture on your google account, there is an icon on the same spot.
  • Click on the profile icon to get a drop-down menu.
  • Select “Sign out of all accounts.”
  • You will successfully log out of your Google account via the desktop.

An image showing how to log out of your Google account using a google page on your desktop

If you still find the above process challenging to capture, click the URL below to view the link below capture the ways to log out Google account via your desktop


Why should I log out of your Google account on your old phone?

An old phone has almost all the apps that you currently use to log into your Google account. If you had granted the apps permission to access your Google account, you risk exposing your information to criminals. Always be certain to log out of your account whenever you acquire a new phone. You can also take more measures by changing passwords.

How will I know that an intruder has logged in to my account from another device?

Google will always send you notifications when you make changes to any security features. If you note any suspicious activity on your Google account, the first step to make is to alter your password.

Final words

Many reasons can make you want to log out of your Google account. It could be that you just acquired a new smartphone, or you could log out to stay safe. Whichever the reason, it is valid.

You now have the know-how to log out of your Google account from your smartphone in several ways. To keep your Google account intact, always use a strong password and change it regularly. 

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