How to Search on Google Using Images or Videos?

How to Search on Google Using Images or Videos

There are different methods for searching a subject on Google. Instead of the popular typing of words and getting search results, you can use the latest technology to obtain any information that you desire.

That includes videos and images. But how do you go about this? It is straightforward with our comprehensive guide. Follow the stairway to fact-check images and videos on Google. 

Searching on Google using images  

Just like you do with text, searching on Google search engine using images is easy. You can use two processes to search on google using an image; the google image and the reverse image search. 

Using any of the above methods prompts Google to find people, websites, information, and other images related to the photo you are using to conduct an information search.

The two methods support all iOS and Android devices with the Google Chrome app. If you are using a computer, the reverse image search works perfectly on the Chrome browser.

Method one: Using the Reverse Image Application

The reverse Image application is convenient if you use smartphones, but you can still do it on your computer. The reason is a readily available dedicated app for using an image to search on Google. 

Searching on Google using the reverse Image on your phone


  • Download the Reverse Image Search application.
  • Install and launch the app on your phone. Give the application all the permission it requires to function efficiently.  
  • Click to Open the Reverse Image search app.
  • Click the ‘Add Image’ option. A pop-up asking you to choose the image or photo you would like to search for information about on google will come up.
  • Select your image and allow the Reverse app system to search and give you relevant results.

A video showing how to search on google using Reverse Image search on your phone;

Android and an iPhone device work flawlessly with the Reverse Image search. The processes are that easy! 

What if you are using a personal computer? The process is also effortless.

Searching on Google using the reverse Image on your computer; 


  • On your PC, open your favorite browser.
  • Head on to Be patient for the site to load.
  • Locate Camera to search by image and click Upload image.
  • Select from your computer to redirect you to the results page. There you will capture all the information related to the image in question.

A video showing how to search on google image reverse image on a PC;

Method two: Using Google Images

Like the above processes, this method is also straightforward;


  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Browser.
  • Tap on the search address bar.
  • Key in the URL
  • If you opt for a smartphone, you will have to open the Chrome settings and select the Desktop Site option. The desktop site is similar to a screen on a computer.
  • Locate the camera and click on the icon so that you can search for an image on Google.
  • Choose Search by image title. 
  • You will then get two selections. The first one is Paste image URL, and the second one Upload an image if you would like to conduct the image search using its URL, then o copy and paste it under the first option.
  • Use the second option if you wish to upload the image and search, click on the pasted URL. 
  • The new window that will pop up will ask you to select the image you would like to search. That will redirect to the query page result.
  • View your image search results using the photo you uploaded. You will also see related images that have the same color and pattern. And that’s all.

Searching on google using Videos

Searching on google using a video is quite a trickster as the search engine has not yet provided its nearly four billion users with the feature. However, don’t give up. We have the Snipping Tool at our disposal to do the perceived impossible. To make searching on google happen with video is easy.


  • Get hold of the video in question and play it.
  • You have to take a screenshot of your video. Remember that we cannot search for a video, and that’s why we need an image. The step requires the Snipping Tool or the Snip and Sketch, where you take different frames of the video.

Learn more by searching how to take video screenshots on your phone or computer in your leisure time. There is a bundle of ways to do it! 

  • Once you have the screenshot, save it in your preferred location.
  • Go and launch any web browser on your computer and head straight to the address bar.
  • In your browser’s address bar, key in the address, That will take you to the camera icon, which you will click.
  • Navigate to Search by image title. You will find two options where you will Paste Image URL or Upload an Image.
  • The Paste image URL option allows you to copy and paste the image’s URL. Click and follow the prompts to select the video image you screenshot. That directs you to the query page’s results. You will get all the relevant info about the video screenshot. And that’s how you search on google using videos following the URL option.
  • The Upload an image option requires you to upload the video snapshot and then click on Search. A new window will come forth where you can select the video snapshot for searching. That, too, redirects you to the query page results. You will view the video image results and other related images.  

Final words

Google is the king of the world wide web. Every often, the search engine comes with new and exhilarating internet technology. In the last decade, it was unheard of that you could search on google using photos, images, and videos. 

Currently, it is happening. We have shown you how to go about each one of these searches without obstacles. Keep on reading our guides to discover more helpful google features that keep on surfacing in this world of technology.

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