How to Remove Profile Picture from Google Account?

How to Remove Profile Picture from Google Account

You don’t have to stick or feel uncomfortable with your profile picture on your Google account!

The Profile picture on your Google account makes friends, family, and your clients recognize your face on all Google platforms. 

Whether it’s on the Google email, Docs, Classroom, Sheet, Hangouts, YouTube, or any other Google platform we use in our daily online activities, your profile picture remains relevant.

But sometimes, you may feel awful about the photo. You may have put a youthful picture, but age seems to have caught up with you. You don’t want your clients to doubt you. Or you want to remain anonymous with no picture at all. Some people opt to have a different profile pic from their actual image. It could be vice versa. 

Whatever the reason, Google knows your troubles! To the platform, it is not an offense to change or remove your Google account profile picture. But it is not always easy. You may have tried severally to change the little feature to no avail.

If you are stuck in this procedure, master these simple DIY steps on this guide and get that irritating profile picture out of your google account.

How To Remove Profile Picture From Google Account

Follow these three processes to remove photo from Google account;

Method One: Remove Profile Picture From Google Account On Your Computer Web

If you work on your computer regularly, possibly, you will find it easy to change your profile photo from your Google account on the same device. The fact is, on the computer, the process is super easy. Just do not omit any of the steps, and you will find yourself eliminating the picture.


  • On your computer, open on your chrome browser.
  • Key-in your Google account credentials.
  • Navigate to What others see. Your personal information page will appear.
  • Select Go to about me.
  • Tap your profile picture to restrict what people see on your a count’s page.
  • On the popped-up page, you will view your profile picture. Next to it is a button Remove or No photo. Tap on it to remove the image. 

Be patient with Google to save the changes.

You made it! You no longer have a profile photo on your YouTube, Hangouts, or any other Google platform.

Method Two: How To Remove Picture From Google Account Using Gmail

Like using the computer, deleting your google profile picture using Gmail should never be rocket science. Gmail is one of the most popular google platforms that allows you to send and receive email. This method is more straightforward than the rest that we are going to show you.  


  • Get to your Gmail Account. It’s easy; log into the account via your credential, i.e., username and password. Make sure that you stay logged in while undertaking all the steps.
  • Locate your profile Photo on the home page and click on it. That will give you the option Edit Photo.
  • Select No photo, and you will have successfully removed your profile photo from your google account.

Method Three: Remove Your Profile Picture From Google Account Using An Android App

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Scroll down and hit on the google settings option. 
  • Once the settings are open, go for the option Managing account.   
  • Pick on the personal info tab.
  • Navigate downwards to the bottom of the page, locate Go to about me, and click on the option.
  • Your profile picture will open for editing. Click No photo to delete the picture from your google account.

Method Four: Remove Profile Photograph Using Ios Iphone

In case your phone is iOS, don’t panic. You can use your iPhone to delete your profile picture from your google account. As an Android device, the process should not appear complicated. All you need is to follow a few steps, and you will remove your profile pictures from your account successfully.


  • As usual, open your Gmail app from your iPhone. If you don’t have a google account, first install it from your apple store.
  • Log in by inputting your login info.  
  • There are three lines on the Gmail app at the top. Click the lines and scroll down the options displayed for you. 
  • Hit the Setting key.
  • A menu with email addresses on your iPhone will appear. Pick the email address that matches the account you want to delete the profile photo.   
  • Next is the Managing your Google account option. Go ahead and pick up the Personal info option on the same page.
  • Navigate down the screen and locate What other people see.
  • Next, pick up to Go to about my option.
  • Lastly, choose the No photo right on the Go to about my screen.

That’s the simple process of removing your profile picture from your google account. Google is very particular about your privacy. It will not store the profile photo you just removed on its server. So, no one will see your profile picture again unless you choose to reinstall it.

Method Five: Remove Profile Picture From Google Account Using Youtube

This method seems strange, but it is possible to remove your profile picture from any platform linked to a Google account. Using YouTube completely removes minor thumbnails of your profile picture that appear when using your Google account.


  • From your PC, Android, or iPhone, Go to
  • Get down your youtube account and stay logged in all the following steps.  
  • Navigate through the page to access Your Channel
  • Look upon the upper right corner. Your profile photo is right there. Go on and click the picture.
  • Next is a list of options. Choose Your Channel and ignore the rest. The Branding tab will appear.
  • Select Edit Channel Icon
  • You have the option to remove or change your profile picture. Select remove, and your picture will disappear from your Google account.

Final thoughts

You should not find it complex to remove photo from your Google account. There are several ways to manage this simple feature.  

The steps in each method are uncomplicated too. Our guide gave you a variety to pick up what works for you; PC, Android, iPhone, and YouTube are at your disposal to help you remove your picture from your google account profile.  

If you still find the methods troublesome, you can share them with us by letting us know where you got stuck. We will be glad to help you out. You can also let us know the most appropriate method that worked for you! 

Good luck!

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