How to Log Out of Netflix on a Roku Device?

how to log out of netflix on roku

Netflix and Roku are a perfect combination for your home entertainment. With Netflix on Roku, you can stream live matches, movies, documentaries, soaps, and any films of your choice. 

But for a reason, you may want to stay log out of netflix on roku. You may have logged in with an old account that you want to change, or you simply do not want the platform anymore. It’s also illogical to stay signed in Netflix on Roku on multiple devices.

Logging out of Netflix on Roku differs with different devices. If you have the old Roku models, it will involve several steps. The updated Roku Model is an easy-to-sign-out procedure.

 Whichever device you have, we have a simple tutorial that covers almost all the Roku Players. We will guide you on logging out of Roku 3 & 4, Roku 1, Roku 2, and other Roku player devices in your setup. In addition, we have a tutorial for you to sign out of your Netflix account remotely.

How to log out of Netflix on Roku TV

There are different ways you will use to log out your Netflix channel on Roku. Any of the below methods can get you out of the account;

1. How to Log out of Netflix on Roku Remotely

You may not have access to your Roku device, but you would like to log out. Other methods that we will discuss later after this option may not work either. What’s the solution? Try these two ways to get out of your Netflix account successfully: 

  • Use Your Netflix Account

You have a Netflix account that you signed up with initially. Whether Android or iOS, it is possible to log in and out of the Netflix account with your computer or mobile device. But you must have your login details. 


  • Get into the account on your device by keying in your credentials.
  • Click on your profile and Visit the section Sign Out of All Devices.
  • Choose to sign out. You will log out of all devices you used to access Netflix, but you didn’t log out.

A drawback with this method is that it isn’t selective. You will be kicked out of all the devices all at once without sparing even the one you are using to log out. But that’s what you wanted. Right?

  • Use Your Roku Account

This option is workable if the Roku account is yours, meaning that you bought the device and set it up under your name or account. If you can’t sign out of your Netflix account, you can use your Roku account.

Another solution would be to disconnect your entire Roku account from your device. The action will log you out of all Netflix accounts and any other channel that is on Roku.

In addition, this is similar to unlinking the hardware device from your Roku account. All the apps available will also go away. We do not advise this method to disconnect you from other accounts that you do not wish to log out of.

So, what are the steps for this option?

  • Log into your Roku account from a web browser.
  • Roll down to the available list of the devices linked to Roku devices.
  • Select Unlink. This action will log you out of Netflix from your Roku.

2. How to sign Out Of Netflix On Roku 1

Roku 1 is an earlier version of the device with fewer features than 2,3,4 and others. If you have this device in your home, you will find the below steps helpful and different from other Roku devices.

To log out of Netflix on Roku 1, you have to deactivate the device from your Netflix account as follows;

  • Open Roku 1 Settings.
  • Press the home toggle to get to the Roku 1 Settings menu.
  • On the menu, choose Netflix Settings.
  • Tap on “Deactivate This Player From My Netflix account.” The step will deactivate your device from your Netflix account. 

When you log out of Netflix from Roku 1 player, you will not affect the Roku device as the two work independently. But beware that when you kick out your Netflix account from Roku 1, you will have to reauthorize the device for you to enjoy viewing Netflix content on the same Roku TV.

To reactivate Netflix later, you will select the Netflix app from the same home screen and follow prompts.

3. How to Log Out Of Netflix On Roku 2

Logging out of Netflix on Roku 2 is different from Roku 1. The process does not spare the Netflix channel but removes it entirely. 


  • Find Netflix channel from Roku 2 home screen and highlight the Netflix.
  • Pin the star button (*) on the Roku 2 remote control.  
  • Select Remove Channel.
  • Confirm the process so that you can Sign Out of Netflix.

If you later desire to have Netflix back, restoring the channel is easy; Again, use your remote to get to the streaming channels on the home screen. Scroll to the Movies and TV, then to Netflix. Click on restore to get your channel back. 

4. Log Out Of Netflix On Roku 4, 3, Streaming Stick, Roku Tv, And Express

As we mentioned earlier, Roku devices vary. We have listed the processes for logging out of Roku 1 and 2. We still have Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku TV, Roku Express, and Stick streaming.

Let’s give it a try:

  • Use your remote to access Netflix on any of the above Roku devices.
  • Go to your profile.
  • The Netflix main screen will appear; open up the left-side menu.
  • Go to Settings and then select Sign Out.
  • You have to confirm the Sign Out; Selecting Yes.

Here is the sequence for the Roku TV Netflix logout: 

  • Roku TV> Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Right> Left > Right > Up > Up > Up > Up.

Breathtaking! Right? But you are almost there. Next, select Sign Out or Start Over. On some Roku devices, it will ask you to Deactivate or Reset. 

If you are floating up to this point, do not panic, you have Netflix customer support for any assistance you may need. Otherwise, have a look at how you can sign out of Netflix accounts on other Roku devices.

5. Logout Of Roku Lt, Xs, And Xd Device

This method is also easy. Follow these prompts;

  • Get your Roku remote to take you to the home menu. 
  • Pick the Netflix app and pin the star key.
  • Choose Remove Channel to remove Netflix.

Restore Netflix by going to Streaming Channels, then to the Movies and TV. Choose Netflix to add to your Roku channel.

The five methods above will kick Netflix out of Roku, but for some reason, you may find it difficult to access the channel’s settings menu. Sometimes, the Netflix interface doesn’t allow you to locate the Settings menu, popularly displayed as a gear icon. You will then get the options Sign out, Start Over, Deactivate or Reset.

A worthy note to take home is that only use the specific Roku remote when following this sequence. A regular TV remote will not execute the above commands.

FAQ: sign Out Of Netflix On Roku Device

How can I Log Into another Netflix Account?

The process is uncomplicated. The first step is to log out, as we demonstrated in the five methods above. When signing in, Netflix will prompt you to enter the other account’s credentials.

How do I fix Netflix if it’s not working on my Roku TV?

You can try out several fixes to get Netflix up and working on Roku. The first step is to ensure that the Netflix network is sound. You can also inspect your Roku device and attach it properly. Find whether the Wi-Fi connection is working well with Roku to rule out network issues. Another tip would be to restart the Roku device or update the mobile app. Any of the above solutions should get your device up and running.

Can I change my Netflix account on Roku?

Yes, you can change your Netflix account on your Roku. To do it is to delete the app from your Roku device and add it to the new account. Go to the Roku home screen and select My Channels. Pick Netflix and press your remote control’s star key. Go to the Remove channel and then to the Roku Channel Store. Add Netflix and sign in with the new account.

How can I edit my Netflix watch profile on Roku?

  • Roku allows you to edit all your watch profiles linked to your Netflix account. It is easy to carry out the exercise:
  • Launch the Netflix channel on Roku device
  • Use the arrow down remote button to reach the profile that you want to edit. 
  • Tap on the profile to get a Pencil icon for editing.
  • Change your name, maturity rating, language, and even your icon.

There are more features on the Netflix website for you to customize your Netflix profile. 

How can I switch between different watch profiles on the same account?

It is possible to switch to a different profile but on the same account. Use your device’s navigation keys (Roku remote) and click the left arrow. A pop-out menu will open on the left of the Roku TV screen.

Press the up arrow button so that you can select the profile icon. A page allowing you to log in to another profile will come up. Log in to switch the watch profile.


We have taken you through various processes of logging out of Netflix on Roku. There are other processes involved in a Netflix account, such as managing the watch profiles.

If you find yourself stuck in any of the processes, hit the comment section to let us know how to help you. Also, we invite you to read our regular guides on Netflix accounts on Roku devices for simple fixes to various problems.

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