How To Fix YouTube Server Connection Error [400] on Android?

How to Fix YouTube Server Connection Error [400] on Android?

It’s now over a decade and a half since Google took over YouTube, but the king of videos still has several issues. One of those is the YouTube Server connection error[400]. 

This error is very infuriating, especially when you are in the middle of viewing your favorite film on the platform. And it is most common on Android devices.

Fortunately, you can fix the puzzle with the most straightforward steps;

Methods for fixing YouTube-Server connection error[400] on Android

1. Test your phone’s internet connection

It seems crazy to tell you that your phone’s internet connection could be why you are getting this boring error message. You may think all is sound with your internet, but your phone may have lost it. You just require five minutes to test whether your phone has a sound internet connection. 

Here is the simple task;

  • Go to your phone’s browser on the home screen.
  • Search for Speed test 
  • It will give you results and a tool that you will use to check internet speed. 
  • Hit on Run Speed test on the tool.
  • The results will reveal the status of your phone’s connection. If it is poor, check with your ISP or try different networks until you get one that works for you.

If everything is sound, proceed to the next solution;

2. Reboot your phone

Rebooting a phone seems to cure many troubleshooting errors; it will also fix connection errors, especially this stubborn one that has been interrupting your watching sessions.

It is simpler than other methods but rebooting a phone fixes system and app issues. Some of these issues do not affect your device performance but are thorny, especially if you are interested in the YouTube app.

To reboot your phone, press the power button, usually located on the edge of your phone, mainly on the right or on the top edge. Select Reboot or Restart and patiently wait for a few seconds.

3.  Clear YouTube data cache

Stored YouTube copy data can lead to network connection issues. The reason you are getting a YouTube Server connection error[400] could be corrupted temporary data. Fixing this error requires you to clear the app’s cache and data. The process differs with the android device that you are using, but you can follow the below steps;

  • On your Android, get to the Settings. 
  • Snap the Apps & Notifications button
  • Pick See all apps.
  • Select YouTube.
  • Snap Storage & Cache and then the Clear Storage button.
  • Clear Cache by confirming the above action. 
  • The YouTube app will reset to its original state. 
  • Go back to the videos to test whether the error has vanished.

4. Check Your device’s Date and Time validity

Servers do not operate effectively with invalid date and time set up. If you are experiencing a YouTube Server connection error[400] on your Android, find out if the date and time are correct.


  • Settings> General management> Date and time. 
  • Enable the Automatic date and time settings and relaunch YouTube to check if error [400] is still stubborn.

Move to the following method if the date and time are valid.

5. Reboot Your Data Connections

The poor and unstable internet connection can bring several errors to your apps, including YouTube.  Rebooting your wireless router will solve Error [400] and give you a flawless connection.


  • Switch off your router.
  • Keep it unplugged for 10 seconds. 
  • Plug on the power adapter and initialize it for up to 30 seconds.
  • The WiFi connection will be back. Go on and check if the issue is still stubborn.

6. Change DNS Settings

You can solve YouTube error [400] by changing DNS settings on your Android. The action will solve not only the error but other errors on different apps.


  • Locate Settings on your Android and snap WiFi.
  • You will see the present network; long long-press to view Select Modify Network.
  • Go to the IP settings, and choose as your android primary DNS.

7. Uninstall YouTube Updates

YouTube updates are different from cache and data. If you cleared the app’s cache, but the issue is still aggravating, the problem could be YouTube’s updates. You have to uninstall them so that you can restore the app to its factory version.

Uninstalling the updates does not get rid of YouTube. It helps the app to play the videos usually. Another route you can take is re-updating the application on the Google PlayStore. 


  • Get to Settings and then Apps.
  • Navigate to All Applications and then select YouTube.
  • Snap Uninstall Updates.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall YouTube

You have tried clearing cache, date and time reset, router reboot, and other fixes that we analyzed above. None is fixing this nagging issue. Just uninstall YouTube and reinstall it back. With this final solution, this pestering error should clear away.

9. Try to view the Video using a separate device

From solution number one to number eight above, the solution to error [400] revolves around one android device. The problem is still tormenting you despite trying the fixes. The problem could be your phone or elsewhere; The Youtube site!

The only method to ascertain this is to access the app from another device and play the video. If it plays, your android device is the problem. We bet that you do not have the know-how to fix the error technically. You need to take it to the retailer for a system upgrade and other repairs.

If the video is played without interruptions, the YouTube server is the major problem. Everyone feels the issue, thus a call to be patient until the site’s systems are up and running. 

But, no regrets at this point!

The fact is, you deserve a pat on the back as you just earned the qualification for fixing several YouTube errors. After trying a bunch of fixes, there is light at the shaft’s end. 

The brightest ray is that you have learned several fixes for YouTube server connection errors on Android. You can now apply any one of them whenever you face the Error [400] and other related youtube errors. 

Please be generous to share this information with friends and family to keep them glued to their Youtube site. 

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