How to Fix Google Maps When It’s Not Working on Android?

How to Fix Google Maps When It's Not Working on Android

We can bet that google maps is on the list of the latest navigation technology that humans have ever designed. But this great App can fail when you least anticipate and throw you off track. 

The fixes that we will reveal here can be a treasure whenever you find yourself in such mayhem. 

Use any of these methods to Troubleshoot your Google Maps on Android;

1. Enable Location Accuracy

The location setting on your Android is the top feature to check whenever you experience a hitch with Google Maps. The reason is location and maps are relative. 

If you disable your device’s location, Google Maps will automatically fail or show an inaccurate location. 

An instant fix is to turn the feature on for the maps to show the accurate location.   


  • On your android device, roll the home screen from the top and tap on Settings to open it.
  • Navigate down to Location or key in the word on the search tab and then tap Advanced. 
  • Go to Google Location Accuracy.
  • On the right side is a toggle, Improve Location Accuracy; turn it on

The location feature uses sensors, Wi-Fi, and other networks to collect information that helps estimate your location. 

When the feature is off, your device uses GPS, whose accuracy may not be overly accurate. While on the location, you can play around with different toggles to improve the Google Maps App.

2. Update Google Maps

In most cases, Android devices usually update apps automatically, but you may have tampered with the automatic update option. For a while, your App has missed out on many new features. This old versioned Google Maps app could be the reason the site is not working on your device. 

The older version has many shortcomings; fortunately, you can rectify this by installing the latest App. If you regularly use Google Maps or you intend to utilize the feature on your travels and other tracking activities, we recommend regular updates of the App as follows;

  •  Go to your Google Play Store and launch it on your device.
  • Search Google Maps by typing and viewing the search results.
  • Open with a single click to land on the App’s page.
  • Click Update.
  • Open the Google Maps app after the update is complete.

3. Try Google Maps Go

Google Maps Go is a lightweight version of the App. The App is valid and by the same developer. The only difference is that the App has fewer resources and works much faster than the original App. Google Maps Go is an excellent choice for you if yours is a low-resource device.

Google’s light version of Google Maps App still finds directions for you just like the Google Maps origins, so you can utilize it if your App is not functioning appropriately. The same applies to other apps which have their lighter versions.

Any time they have a technical hitch that is not going away after several fixes, try the light versions. If your device is slow or old, you will find an app like Google Maps Go working perfectly.

Just hop onto Google play store and search for Google Maps Go. Get the results and click on the App to install and launch. It will take you a blink of an eye and save you a hell of a time. The App is a replica of Google Maps and thus straight off to use.

4. Clear Cache and Data

Clearing cache and data is a common action for all devices you use for online activities. Your device’s apps stack cached data, which are also temporary files. These files are not essential and also create more issues with your apps. You will experience loading problems and high data usage, as well as eating up on your device’s data storage space. 

Every time you clear cache and data from your apps, it begins to work correctly. But how do you clear this data and cache?


  • Go to Settings by pulling down your Android’s home page.
  • Get to Apps and notifications.
  •  Navigate down to the Maps and click the App. You will get to the app info page.
  •  Find and click Storage and cache.
  •  Tap the Clear cache toggle and then OK to clear up the stored temporary data and cache.
  •  Retry the Google Maps app to check if you have resolved the issue.

5. It could be Wi-Fi is on

Google Maps may misbehave and fail to update your maps data if the Wi-Fi Only is on. Google Maps does not download new data if you’re not connected to any Wi-Fi network whenever the feature is on. 

Not even when your mobile data is on.

You have to turn off the option to enjoy Maps. if you forgot your Wi-Fi button on, fix your problems using these simple steps on your Android device:

  • Open Google Maps and tap your profile icon. (it’s at the top-right section)
  • Select Settings.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi Only feature to allow mobile data usage.
  • Close Settings.
  • Go back to the Google Maps screen.

Ensure you’ve sufficient data allowance to run the App.

6. Check your network signal

Whether you are using Wi-Fi or Cellular data, either can disable your google Maps if there is insufficient data allowance. You may have put off both features, but remember that you cannot use both), so you need to fix this issue with a single tap of a button. 

Switch on the Wi-Fi icon and select a network, or switch off and on your Wi-Fi to see if Maps will auto-connect. 

What if you are going out of network range? The only solution is to download Google Maps in advance; that way, you can reference the App while offline.

Testing network signal: 


  • Get hold of your phone’s web browser> search anything.
  • If any site opens, your network signal is sound. Failure to load means your internet signal is weak or unavailable. Check for your subscription or any technical issues with your ISP.

 7. Reset Google Play Services

You have tried all the above fixes to resolve your Google Maps. Don’t give up, as there is another recourse; resetting Google Play Services. 

The above service works in the background on your android device to ensure that all Google services and your apps work together. Whenever Google Play is not functioning appropriately, other apps like Maps may malfunction.

 You can reset Google Play by taking this action;

  • On your Android’s Settings, go to Apps and then notifications.
  • A down list of all apps will come up, including Google Play Services.
  • Tap the option, ‘Storage and cache.’
  • Click the Clear storage button.
  • That takes you to the next page, where you will click on the ‘Clear all data’ button.
  • Let the process get completed so that you can go and check if Maps has resumed working.

Final words

Nothing bars you from your road trips to unfamiliar locations. Whenever Google Maps fails, you have seven simple and quick fixes. Get up and fix your Google Maps on Android and enjoy your ride. For these and more tricks and tips, read and subscribe to our regularly updated guides!

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