How To Cancel HBO Max Subscription On Roku?

how to cancel the HBO Max subscription on Roku?

HBO Max offers TV, movies, documentaries, series, and many other streaming services online. This great app is compatible with Smart TVs, phones, tablets, and other devices that support online streaming. The media platform provides some of the best content to its users.

But HBO Max is not free. It comes with a monthly payment of $14.99, so if you just found an alternative or you just feel like abandoning the plan, you can walk out at no extra cost. There are three simple methods with super easy steps to delete hbo max account on roku device.

How To Cancel HBO Max On Roku?

Follow these three methods for a free to cancel HBO Max on the Roku channel;

Method one: Cancel HBO subscription on a Roku device

This method will be the easiest method for you because you have a Roku device within your reach. At any time, you are free to cancel your subscription from the device without any extra pay or charges. Use the below instructions:

Step one:

Get your Roku remote and pin the Home button.

Step two:

Press the directional pad (plus shape at the remote control center) to navigate the Roku channel grid. Get hold of the HBO Max app and press the start button for the menu options to open.

Step three:

Highlight Manage Subscription as on this screenshot.

You can access other options, including the renewal date. But you are interested in canceling the subscription. Move on to step four.

Step four:

Scroll to Premium Subscriptions to access additional options. You will see a Cancel subscription.

Step five:

Select Cancel subscription. You will get a pop-up telling you that you can continue accessing HBO for a certain period. But your mind is set to cancel HBO, so move to the final steps. 

Step six:

Select Cancel subscription to confirm. You will get another message to confirm the cancellation. In addition, you will get a pop-up reminder of the date that you will have no access to the subscription.

Step seven:

Hot Done to successfully cancel your HBO Max subscription from a Roku device.

Method two: Cancel HBO Max Subscription on HBO Max Website

It is also possible to cancel your HBO Max subscription on the platform’s official website. That is if you signed up for an account with them. Go through the below steps to successfully opt-out of your subscription;

Step one:

Visit via your computer.

Step two:

Sign in to the account using your credentials (username and password)

Step three:

On the upper right corner of the dashboard, tap your profile.

Step four:

Locate the Billing information, click.

Step five:

You will see Manage Subscription, click.

Step six:

Locate My Account page. You will get several options, but you want to cancel your subscriptions, so choose Cancel subscription.

Step seven: 

Accept by tapping on Yes, Cancel subscription.

Kudos! You cancel your HBO Max subscription successfully.

Method three: Cancelling HBO Max subscription from Roku account official website

Cancel or manage your HBO Max subscription any time from your Roku account on the official website using the instructions below:

Step one: 

Grab your smartphone or open your computer and head on to 

Step two: sign in

You have to sign in using your credentials (username and password). If you don’t have a Roku account, you can sign up for this particular purpose or opt to use the other two methods that we just took you through. 

If it has been a while since you signed up and you have forgotten any of your credentials, there are simple processes you can follow to retrieve them. Tap the forgot password and follow the prompts for assistance.

Step three:

After signing in successfully, go to the Manage account bit and look for Manage your subscriptions.

Step four:

Under Manage your subscriptions, the My Subscription page will load. The first thing you will see is Roku Pay subscriptions. There will also be Current Subscriptions and Past Subscriptions. Both are terms and renewal periods.

Step five:

Get hold of the Current Subscriptions title. There are two toggles; Unsubscribe and Reactivate to renew your subscription. The second option allows you to renew your subscription before the current billing period expires. That’s not what you are looking for, so get to the next step.

Step six:

Hit unsubscribe and confirm when Roku prompts you. We bet HBO Max is irresistible; if you just realized that, just hit resubscribe before confirming the cancellation. Roku will take you back to Premium subscription on the channel. But if you purchased the subscriptions outside the Roku Channel, you have to open your device and visit the streaming channel for a resubscription.

FAQ: How do I cancel HBO max on Roku?

Can I Cancel HBO Max Subscription Through a Provider?

Many cable TV and streaming providers let their users get HBO Max through their service. Roku is one of those. If you use such a provider and need to cancel your HBO Max subscription, you have to log into the account and manage or cancel your subscription from there. If you find it a challenge, you can contact your provider’s customer support for more help. 

Can I Cancel an HBO Max Free Trial on Roku?

It is possible to cancel an HBO Max free trial. You would follow the three methods outlined earlier; via the Roku official website, Roku device, and through the HBO official site. But right now, there is no free trial; HBO discontinued the offer. If the promotion comes back, you will follow the same procedure to cancel the free trial.

Is HBO Max worth keeping?

HBO Max is a costly plan when compared to other streaming services in the industry. The cost is about $15/month if you want to stream without ads and $10/month if you don’t mind the ads.

But there is a better side of this platform; the content it airs is intensive and quality. When you compare with other streaming channels, HBO Max is top on the list. So, if you are debating on whether to cancel the subscription, consider the quality you get from HBO Max.

Is HBO Max the same as HBO?

HBO Max is different from HBO. Although the two are more alike, HBO Max offers more content than HBO. The price and the general device support are also different. HBO is older than HBO max, but its price is lower, and so is its speed. But both are WarnerMedia productions.

How long can I stream HBO Max for free?

Unfortunately, HBO Max is not a free service. There is no free trial either. The streaming platform used to have a free trial for seven days but the offer no longer exists. The free trial could give users enough time to test out the streaming site before subscribing, after which they could cancel their subscription before HBO Max began the charges. After the trial ended, the service would cost $14.99.

How do I change my HBO Max subscription plan on Roku?

Just like canceling the HBO subscriptions, changing the plan is easy with these steps:

  1. Go to your Roku device and Open HBO Max.
  2. On the lower left, hit the Settings icon (lower left) and then select Account.
  3. Hit on Switch Plans and then choose a billing period. You will have several plans to choose from.
  4. Choose your preferred plan and then confirm the new plan.
  5. The rest of the on-screen prompts will help you complete changes and make a new payment.

Finally, how to cancel HBO max thru Roku?

Using the three methods that we just elaborated will help you easily call off your HBO Max subscription on Roku. You can cancel the plan on the Roku or HBO Max official website or even on the Roku device using your remote control.

If you feel like revisiting your decision, it is also easy to resume the subscription. HBO Max will not block you just because you canceled a subscription. We have also answered some pressing questions regarding the HBO Max streaming platform.

Whenever you have more questions or find any difficulties while using the above guide, we welcome you to share the issue for assistance. Hit our comments section and engage with us. Our team is available around the clock to assist you.

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