How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working On Roku?

How Can I Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video Not Working On Roku

Amazon Prime is a solid pick when it comes to self-contained streaming platforms. You can watch top series TV shows, movies, documentaries, and any other content you desire in the television world. On the streaming merits, Amazon Prime Video offers an excellent user experience. 

But Amazon Prime Video can stop working on your Roku device and rip you the joy and luxury of viewing your favorite and exclusive content. What’s the way out? How can you troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video if it is not working on Roku?

How to fix prime video on Roku?

There is several factors that wont prime video work on your roku device. Have a look at Amazon Prime Not Working on Roku – Issues and possible Ways To Fix Prime Video Not Working On Roku;

1. Uninstalling and Reinstalling Amazon prime on Roku

The first troubleshooting step in many apps is uninstalling and then reinstalling. In most cases, the simple process works like a portion.

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot Amazon Prime video if it is not working on Roku;

  • First, power up your Roku device.
  • Get your remote and press home.
  • Use the navigation keys to move left and right. You need the key that takes you to the right. 
  • Use the key to find the prime video channel. Once you arrive there, click on the Channel.
  • Next, you need the display options display. To get the options, use the start button on the Roku remote and click on it. The action will display the options.
  • Roll to Remove channel bar and click on it.
  • The next instruction will be to confirm the action. Tap on Confirm toggle to uninstall Amazon Prime Video on Roku.

Your mission was not to uninstall Amazon Prime Video on Roku, so you have one more process; Reinstall the app.

Next is the reinstallation process; 

  • You will find these steps quite similar to the installing process. 
  • On your Roku remote, go back home by pressing the home button.
  • Roll down to the Channels; then you click on it. You will see the bar.
  • Key-in Amazon Prime channel will appear for you to add; click on it to Install Amazon prime.
  • Next is launching the Amazon Prime channel; click launch.
  • Go into Amazon Prime to find out if the trick has worked.

If the process did not rectify the issue, we have the next tip;

2. Check for VPN

Amazon Prime has one of the strongest VPN blocking technologies. The platform does not support VPNs. If the channel detects that you are using a VPN, it will not work on Roku. So you need to deactivate your device’s VPN to get the channel up and working with Roku.

The process for deactivating your VPN depends on your OS. maneuver through your device, including a PC, router, iPhone, and Mac. But mostly, this simple step will apply to your device; 

Settings > Network and Internet> VPN > VPN connection > Disconnect.

In some regions, Amazon Prime is not available. If you have to apply VPNs in Amazon Prime geo-restricted locations, it has to be super strong and paid VPN software. The VPN has to surpass Amazon’s strength; otherwise, you will be doing a wild chase to use the channel with a VPN. 

You can try ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, among other premium VPNs. These are known to break geo-restrictions and allow you to quickly access and stream Amazon Prime Video flawlessly on your Roku channel.  

If it is not the VPN causing the hitch, you need to power test your device.

3. Turn Roku Off And On

This simple activity of turning the Roku off and then back a device restores its operations. Try to turn Roku on by first switching off your TV. Go ahead and switch off your Roku device. Unplugging the cables that connect the device with the power circuit and removing the HDMI cable can help solve this issue. Let the device stay inactive for about twenty or so minutes.

Retry by plugging the power cables back and the HDMI cable connections. Power on the device and check whether the issue is resolved. 

4. Update Roku Firmware

If you haven’t updated your Roku firmware recently, you could be running on an outdated streaming device. There are always new features that ROKU often launches to fix and keep off bugs. Regular updates also ensure that your device works perfectly. The outdated firmware could be the reason for Amazon Prime Video not working effectively on Roku. in this case, your only way out is to update Roku. 

A tip that can work out for you in the future is to ensure that the auto-update button is on for the firmware to update regularly.

5. Exit The Amazon Prime App

It is not always that the Roku device or channel will cause Amazon Prime not to work. Amazon Prime app malfunctions too. Exiting the app can solve the problem and get you onboard again. offers this solution for your Prime video app, so it is a safe process.


  • Go to settings to close down the amazon app on your android device.
  • Navigate the settings to get apps. Click to get a new page. You will locate Amazon prime video. Click on it and then move to the next page to force stop the app.
  • Try to reopen the app to check if there are any changes.

6. Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issues

Connection issues between Amazon Prime and Roku can cause this issue. It could be network connectivity that is causing the streaming hindrance. The first thing would be to check your ISP subscriptions. If they have expired, then the two devices will not connect.

Just renewed your subscriptions? The culprit could be your internet service provider. Check whether the other devices in your home have internet connections or just the Roku device.

 If not, call your ISP and have them resolve the issue. You can also check whether the WiFi router is working as it should. There are many ways to resolve connectivity issues. Regularly readout guides to get enlightened on the causes and solutions to internet connection issues.

Alternatively, you can cancel background activities or connections that share the same network as your Roku device. This should improve Amazon Prime Video’s overall streaming.

7. Clear Cache

Clearing cache on devices has proved to solve troubleshooting problems. Make it a regular activity to clear the Amazon Prime cache on your device. That’s a simple method to troubleshoot Amazon Prime video on Roku. 


  • On your device, navigate to Settings and tap on it. A new page will pull up.
  • Select apps.
  • You will see a drop-down list with all the installed apps. Locate and tap on Amazon prime.
  • A new page will come up. Go to Storage and click.
  • Next is the page with Select cache and clear. Click on the prompt and confirm your action.

8. Check your Amazon Prime Account subscriptions

Have you renewed your subscriptions? An expired account subscription cannot let you enjoy Amazon Prime on your Roku device. Check the validity and pay the subscription if it is expired. If you just made the payment, but you continue to experience the troubleshooting issue, check the number of users on your account. Overloading the account can slow down streaming. You may want to reduce the users to a manageable number.

9. Update the Amazon app

You might be using an outdated version of the Amazon prime application that might have stopped working. It is recommended to have your auto-updates feature on Amazon. However, if it is still not working, you can manually update the application to the latest version, restart your ROKU and give it a try. This will solve the problem most of the time for you.

10. Login using accurate Credentials

You could be beating around the bush, but the real issue is that you logged in using incorrect credentials. An omitted character can lock you out of Amazon Prime on Roku. If you also logged into the wrong account, Amazon Prime is not going to work with Roku. Use the proper credentials that Amazon Prime customized for you when you made the signup. With the proper credentials, you will not have any interruptions.

11. Factory reset Roku

Factory setting gives devices a new life. If you factory reset Roku, you will remove all the channels and give your device a fresh start. The restart guide will take you time, but it is a worthy process.


  • From your Roku device Settings, choose System and then Advanced System Settings.
  • Hit Factory Reset.
  • Key in the code that the device displays on your TV screen.
  • That will prompt the reset process. Be patient for the device to reset.
  • Once the Roku factory resets, you will begin from scratch. The process is not complex, as there is a detailed guide that you can follow to get the device up and running.
  • The factory reset clears all your data from the device, including time and date. Before you try this option, you need to have a backup copy of all the information. Otherwise, it may complicate things for you.

 A better alternative would be the next step; 

12. Contact Support

When all the tips above do troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video, the best thing to call the support team, and the first in the line will be Roku. That is, if other channels are not working on Roku. It could be a problem with the device. If only Amazon Prime Video is not functioning well on Roku, the issue could be with Amazon. Call their customer support for help. They will diagnose and fix the issue appropriately.


Nothing should stand in between you and your favorite Amazon Prime video, not even troubleshooting hitches. 

We have 12 easy detailed solutions of how to fix Prime Video not working on Roku to guide you successfully. You can try solving the connection issues, updating your Roku device firmware, checking the VPN, and many others discussed above.

You should find it uncomplicated to troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video not working on Roku is more straightforward with the above tips. However, if you encounter any challenges, get in touch with us in the comments or contact us section.

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